These short stories are stand alone and can be read in any order. But if you're new to Selunia Falls, we suggest starting with Outsiders.



Sadie was wiping down some of the tables in Anna’s Cafe, cleaning up after the lunch shift, when the stranger first walked in. “Sit anywhere you like,” she said. He chose a stool at the counter, the one furthest from all the other tables.


Messages to the Abyss

The passage of time flows differently in this strange place. Humans are always in a hurry, shuffling from one task to another. I feel time slip through my fingers every time this strange sun sets and you’re not by my side. Miss you more than you know. Malina clicked the pause button, silence filling the […]


The Secrets We Keep

Randall finally found Brynn in the main cafeteria. He had stopped by her office quite a bit in the last few days, but either the office had been empty, or she had been in a meeting or on a call. It shouldn’t be this hard to find your girlfriend, Randall thought. Brynn was standing just […]


The List

“You’re breaking up with me?” Victoria shut her eyes, her croaked voice from her memory echoing inside her head. Maybe this time, when she opens her eyes, Donna will be there, standing in front of her with a crooked smile and torn up jeans and vintage rock band shirt. Victoria opened her eyes.  No one. […]



Sadie balanced on the stool, aligning the wires that connected the giant bat decoration to the ceiling. After it faced out towards the door, she hopped back down, almost tripping over the tail of her cat costume. It was early in the evening on Halloween and Sadie was fixing up some of the decorations in […]



“Trick or treat!” The man at the house’s threshold flicked his eyes between Harley and Winter as they towered over him in matching but ill-fitted pirate costumes. Children peered from behind the two to gawk at the candies that the man dropped into pumpkin-shaped buckets. Back on the dimly lit street, Harley pulled up her […]


One in a Hundred

Kel brought up the map of the office building on his phone, then compared his location again to the floor plan. The printer should have been here. But instead of finding it, he found a vending machine full of candy and other snacks. He hadn’t made any wrong turns – or so he thought – but when he stepped back out of the storage room and turned the corner, all four directions looked the same to him. Just uniform hallways lined with drab carpeting, the doors to one office after another lining the hall.


Around Midnight

Oscar poured clear alcohol into a glass before quickly splashing red liquid over it. His hands moved mechanically, dashing the contents of another smaller bottle over it. He held up the glass with a satisfied smirk as the liquids coalesced into a soft red, before sliding the concoction to the woman across the counter.



Reena cringed as the bag of chips crinkled loudly in her hand as she picked it up. She held up the bag, making a face when she realized it was BBQ-flavored chips, before turning her body toward the end of the aisle. She tilted her head, pretending to pore over the ingredients list, as her eyes tracked behind the bag and to the woman a short distance behind it.