A rift in spacetime to an unknown dimension.
A bold scientist exploring it for earth changing technology.
And an ex agent who has to protect the town from both.

Welcome to Selunia Falls.

An audio fiction drama. Coming soon.

After a disastrous mission ended with the deaths of members of her team, former special agent Jenna is quietly transferred to Selunia Falls, a town so small it’s not an any map. She accepted her demotion, ready to work her way back up the ranks, until she learned the town’s secret: a rift in spacetime hovers nearby.

Enticed by the potential of life changing technology, a team of scientists conducts research with the rift. The scientists are helped by some human looking aliens that have crossed over from the rift. Dubbed the “Karazai,” they live in an uneasy peace with the humans. What they want is unknown.

But playing with ill understood forces, even with the help of the Karazai, puts the town one close call after another from a major accident. And it was then that Jenna realized this wouldn’t be a quiet little assignment after all…

For most agents, saving the world would win them a presidential award. For Jenna, it’s just another Monday.